Vienna, Austria – part one

Our train pulled into the Vienna train station around 6:30pm from Prague. We knew that we still had to take another mode of transportation to get to the city center and our hotel. As we were reviewing our transportation options that we had previously downloaded, a very kind person came up to us to offer his help. He explained that the S1, S2, and S3 trains all went to the city center and that we could take any of them and get off at the Landstraße Wien Mitte station. He was so very helpful and we appreciated his kindness tremendously. We would have figure it out eventually but we were tired and hungry and wanted to get to the hotel as fast as we could.

We took the train to Landstraße Wien Mitte and then headed through Stadtpark, a beautiful tree lined park with some small ponds, although, while we were walking through it, it was very dark with little light to guide the way. We did get to see it on the day we were leaving.

We walked with our backpacks on and they were becoming heavier by the minute. We were looking for the Ritz Carlton and was missing it by just a bit. We circled the block and found that we had been just one block off. Funny though, during that time someone asked us for directions in another language. We got asked for directions 3 separate times on this trip which is nice because it means that we don’t totally stand out as being tourist (until we open our mouths).

We checked into the Ritz Carlton hotel and oh man was it nice! We did the obligatory run around the room pointing out all the fancy things and checking out the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom. It was worth it to stay there!

I had already looked up a brewery that was close to the hotel so we headed to 1516 Brewing. The downstairs bar was filled with smoke and I knew that we would never last in there. We saw a sign that pointed upstairs and had the “no smoking” sign next to it. Thank goodness for international symbols! Right off the bat we both ordered the Black Sherry Stout. It was probably the best beer we had on the entire trip. We both ate the Spicy Red Pepper Sausages with potato wedges and cabbage salad. It was really good and paired well with the next round of beers; Bavarian Dunkles (Dunkel Munich Lager) and Rhine Opal Wölsch (Kölsch).


When we got back to the hotel they had done the turn down service for the night. There were white slippers sitting atop white floor mats next to each sides of the bed. The lights had been put into “nightlight” mode and the comforter had been turned down. It was all unnecessary and opulent but we loved it just the same. We slept like babies that night.


~ by willtriforbeer on December 26, 2014.

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