Vienna, Austria – part two

Day two was rainy, dreary, and cold but we don’t mind those types of days. It seems to add to the old world charm somehow.


We walked Kärntner Straße, one of the main corridors for shopping and restaurants to St. Stephens Cathedral. It was another gorgeous building with intricate details, however, this area was very touristy so we didn’t spend much time here.




We followed Graben, another high end shopping area, to Kohlmarkt. At circle drive was the Hofburg Imperial Apartments and the Sisi Museum. The Hofburg was the residence of the Habsburgs for over 600 years and thus the centre of the Holy Roman Empire. Apart from its function as the seat of government and administrative centre, the Hofburg was also the winter residence of the imperial family. The Sisi Museum houses many of Elisabeth Habsburgs personal effects. We toured both. Photos inside were not allowed.


We made our way to one of the farther out breweries; Wieden Bräu. We started out with a beer pretzel filled with butter that was too die for. I’ve never tasted a pretzel quite like this. I ordered the Spinach dumplings in gorgonzola sauce which was tasty but a little too rich to finish the entire dish. Hubby was feeling very adventurous and ordered the special listed on the blackboard even thought it was all written in German/Bavarian and he did not know what he was getting in to. After he was done eating it, I Googled the words and found that he had eaten fried deer medallions, a typical meal in Austria. To drink I ordered the Märzen and he had the Helles.

We ventured to the Belvedere Art museum which houses the world’s largest collection of oil paintings by Gustav Klimt. The most famous one is The Kiss which was one of the main reasons I wanted to go. I remembered studying his work in college and love to see the real thing after looking at it for so many years on the pages of a book. We didn’t have time for the entire museum since there was an upper and lower building so we did miss some art but hopefully we’ll be back some day.



We wanted one drink before the symphony so we stopped in at Salm Brau Brauerei (brewery). Once again, I had the Märzen and he had the Helles. It was a cute little place with a non-smoking section. The food looked good though we didn’t try any of it.


We attended the symphony at Wiener Konzerthaus. It was lovely and relaxing.



The concierge at the Ritz told us about a restaurant named Gmoakeller, behind the Konzerthaus for dinner after the symphony. Since we were a little faster on our feet than most of the other symphony goers we made it to the restaurant very quickly and got a table. We both ordered veal wiener schnitzel with a cherry dipping sauce and cabbage. It was great! I had been looking forward to trying some true wiener schnitzel and was thrilled at how good it was. After dinner we called it a night.


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  1. Amazing architecture in Vienna.

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