Budapest, Hungary – part one

The Eurorail Train from Vienna to Budapest was a much nicer train that the one we had taken from Prague to Vienna. The seats were more comfortable, we had beers and a snack, free WiFi, lots of leg room and nicer restrooms.  When we pulled into the Keleti train station in Budapest it was huge. It seemed like the type they would use in a movie.

We exchanged some of our euros for forints just so we could take the bus to get to our hotel. As we were looking at the map and checking out which direction was where with our compass, a clean shaven gentleman offered us help with directions. He showed us which bus we needed and told us what stop we needed to get off at. This matched with what information I had so we trusted him. He was very nice and it made us realize that we should be more observant of others who appear lost or trying to figure out where they need to go in our own country.

We checked into the Buddha Bar Hotel. It was a nice hotel but kinda weird. It was all red and black…walls, furniture, draperies, everything was just dark colored and felt kinda like a haunted house. The elevator was so small that the max capacity was 6 but with our backpacks on it was basically big enough for only the 2 of us. Our room had a heated toilet seat that lit up on the inside and was also a bidet. The hotel was just not my style but the staff was very nice and we had a nice stay.


We used Rick Steves guide to help us find a restaurant close by. BorlaBor was only a few blocks away and boy where we happy to have found this place. I ordered the broiled filet mignon of pork with bacon brussel sprouts and white wine sauce. Hubby ordered the ragout of lamb with dill cottage-cheese pancakes. And since Budapest is known for it’s wine hubby ordered a red and I had the Tokaji Harslevelu, a semi-sweet white.



It ended up being one of the best places we ate on the whole trip. In fact, we ate there again on our last night in Budapest. On the way back to the hotel we picked up the same wine we had with dinner to have something to sip on in the hotel. We watched a little English speaking TV on the iPad before drifting off to sleep.


~ by willtriforbeer on December 27, 2014.

3 Responses to “Budapest, Hungary – part one”

  1. Rick Steve’s is such a life saver! We used him throughout our trip in Europe too.
    We found a place in Ireland that became our “spot” that we went to multiple times. Its so much fun to have ‘a place’ in another country!

  2. Great heritage building architecture.

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