Budapest, Hungary – part two

We walked up Zrinyi U road to St. Stephen’s Basilica. There was also another Christmas Village in front of the basilica.




We ate lunch across the street from St. Stephen’s Basilica at Belvárosi Lugas Étterem. We both ordered the Veal Stew in Creamy Paprika sauce and homemade dumplings. It was so very good! This was one of the best meals on the whole trip. We also split a wonderful Cabernet Franc. Splitting a bottle of wine makes wondering the streets in a different country just that much more fun!




We headed south from our hotel to the Central Market Hall which is similar to a farmers market and seafood market in the states. They offered tons of fresh veggies, fruits, fish, eggs, and all sorts of meats cured and uncured. On the top floor was also kick-knacks, tee-shirts, handbags, jewelry, and prepared foods. If I lived there that is where I would definitely shop.





A little farther south and off the beaten path was an awesome brewery that I read about on-line so we had to check it out. At Élesztő we had some of the best beers of the trip and they definitely had the best selection of unique Hungarian (and surrounding area) beers. I had the Christmas Ale, a Winter Hefeweizen, brewed by Rizmajer/Hopfanatic and the Red Nose IPA brewed by Kaltenecker in Slovakia. Both were very good. So good in fact that I can’t remember what beers hubby had. Oh well, I’m sure he enjoyed them!



We wandered the streets in this area checking out all of the old architecture and headed over to the Danube river. It was a cold and overcast day but we didn’t mind at all.


Before dinner we decided to grab a glass of wine at the ProSit wine bar. I had the Barta Tokaji Furmint Öreg Király dűlő (Old King vineyard) Muscat and hubby had the Figula Pecselyi Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ve heard that Budapest is known for it’s wine more so than their beers and from what I sampled both were good but the wine does stand out.


It was Thanksgiving back in the states and although we did not want turkey and mashed potatoes we did want a nice place to eat. We stopped into Café Kör without reservations and they were quite crowded. We had heard that this was a great restaurant but that you had to have reservations. The kind hostess squeezed us in but said that we had to be done eating within 2 hours because that table was already reserved. That would be no problem for us. We both ordered the Beef Tenderloin Goulash with potato croquettes. Those were the best potato croquettes I’ve ever had (sorry mom, yours are a very close 2nd). We had a very nice meal and this was another fantastic restaurant. I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling in the area.


After dinner we headed back to the hotel to call it a night.


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  1. Hey I forgive you….at least my croquettes rate 2nd ! I loved the fresh market too.

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