Race Report – 2015 Summer Open

This race is crazy every year. The first year I did it we had a really hard swim because of the strong winds creating waves on the water. The second year I did it we had the bike portion of the race cancelled so I doubled the swim (1500 meters) and the run (10k) to make an aquathon. This year was no exception to crazy Colorado weather for an early season triathlon. It was so cold outside and the water was a mere 57 degrees. OMG.

I did the race with my friend from high school, Ted. We both started in the same wave, the last one. I knew that I don’t do well swimming in cold water so I was worried from the get go. When the gun when off I just kept telling myself to take it easy. I started with breaststroke with my head above water. I could feel my chest tightening and it was just a bit more challenging to get a breath in. I kept thinking that I would start swimming freestyle soon. I was noticing everyone else around me was also doing above water breaststroke. No one wanted to put there faces in the water because of the chill. I tried to do some freestyle but I would start to get the  “ice cream headache” from the cold. It was so uncomfortable. At the first buoy I saw a guy in front of me start to do backstroke. I thought…great idea. I flipped on my back and was able to keep my face out of the water. The majority of people around me switched back and fourth between above water breaststroke, backstroke, and a little freestyle. It was a rough swim and I was glad to get out and into transition. I camped out in transition taking my time, drying off, changing clothes, and getting my cold brain wrapped around what I was doing.

For the bike I put on more clothes than I ever have in a triathlon. I even bothered to remove my soaking wet tri top for fear of getting too cold on the bike. I had not been riding my bike much this year due to taking some time off from triathlon for the summer. This was the first day in 2015 that I had ridden outside so my bike handling skills were scary at best. It was the first day that I had hit 30 mph in a long time and the first time attaining 13 miles in a couple of months. The bike did go smoothly even with my lack of training.

In transition #2 I changed into a 3rd shirt. The sun was coming out and I knew that I was going to be hot on the run so I changed into a thin long sleeve tech shirt. You’d think I was doing a full Ironman with all the wardrobe changes I had.

I had been running regularly so I wasn’t worried about the run. Maybe I should have been. I think the swim and the bike took a lot out of me and I got super tired on the trail. The sun was beating down and the hills were killing me. My run performance was lack luster but I made it through with enough gas to pull ahead of a few people near the finish.


All in all the race was not my best performance but it was okay because I was doing it with a friend for fun. Of course, I don’t think my “I’m having fun” face came out until after the race was over. We headed to the Longs Peak Pub (part of Mountain Sun Brewing) for some grub, brews and catching up. It was great to do the race with a friend but I think this race is a little too early in the season for me. Funny enough though after thinking I wouldn’t be doing it next year some talk of plans came up that got me planning on doing the race again next year. I’m a glutton for punishment.



~ by willtriforbeer on July 1, 2015.

2 Responses to “Race Report – 2015 Summer Open”

  1. Glad I am back to getting your blogs. Thanks! Do I know Ted?

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