Trail Running – Mule Deer

I ran today for the first time on the Mule Deer trail (8,200ft) in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. I parked at Panorama Point and ran east on the Raccoon/Mule Deer trail to where it splits off to just the Mule Deer and then headed south. I turned around just before Frasier Meadow. I ran for 73 minutes total and then walked part of the way back for a cool-down. I got there around 7:30am and the temp was about 60 degrees.


I have really fallen in love with trail running. It’s such an amazing feeling to be cruising through the woods, feeling the breeze, surrounded by the silence and only hearing your breath and your footfalls. The possibility of meeting up with a wild animal is also thrilling as long as it’s not too close 😉 I only saw tree and ground squirrels today. This little guy was hanging out inside of a tree stump.


This trail was perfect; just the right amount of sunlight being let through by the trees to feed your soul and make you smile yet also the right amount of shade to keep you cool so that you can continue to push on.


The views were also great from this trail. To the west I got views of the Continental Divide and to the east I was actually able to see the some of the skyscrapers in downtown Denver way off in the distance.


Parts of the trail were so fun that I forgot I was running. I especially like the rollers when I run up a small incline and then down the other side dashing rocks and roots along the way. I felt like a kid running through the forest. At one point I didn’t lift my left leg high enough over a rock and my toe got caught up on it. I was falling face first but used all my might to stay upright. My arms were spinning so fast trying to not lose my balance I probably looked like a helicopter trying to take off. Thankfully I didn’t not hit the ground, I did, however, walk for the next minute or two to compose myself. Lesson learned.


At the end of the run I felt on top of the world. It’s such a great way to start the day. Getting your heart and blood pumping is necessary to make us feel alive! I feel alive today.


~ by willtriforbeer on July 25, 2015.

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