Bryce Canyon – day one

I took off from work a little early so we cold get a jump on the drive to Grand Junction. We first arrived at Kannah Creek Brewing for dinner and brews. It was a cool night so we were able to leave puppy in the truck with the windows down. We also got the very front parking spot so that we could keep an eye on him. He curled up and went to sleep. The food was okay and the beers were average.



We checked into the Hampton Inn in downtown Grand Junction since they allowed dogs. Rockslide Brewery was just a block and a half away from the hotel so we walked there just to sample a beer. The beers were only okay but the place was nicely decorated on the inside.


The hotel had a chair about the size that puppy is used to sleeping in at home so we plopped down his blanket and he snuggled in quickly. He did not get out of the chair the entire night.

The next morning we dropped off puppy at the Wag Resort, a puppy camp for extended stays. He ran off to play with the other puppies and we hoped that he was in good hands. We needed to hustle to get Bryce Canyon in Utah and get a campsite before they were all taken for the day.

We arrived at Bryce Canyon around 1pm and drove straight to the Sunset Campground. We got the last available camping spot for the night. Whew!

It was still early enough that we wanted to get in some hiking. We hiked the Peekaboo Loop Trail (strenuous) and the Navajo Loop Trail (moderate) for a total of about 7 miles. The views and scenery were gorgeous! Some of the best that I’ve ever seen in Utah!









After the awesome hike it was time for beers and relaxing at camp. We first started with Silva Stout brewed by Green Flash Brewing. It was aged in oak bourbon barrels with notes of chocolate and cherry. This beer was fantastic! It rained on and off throughout the evening which prompted us to decide to buy a sunshade/rain shelter when we got back (and we did). For several of the cold downpours we sat in the front seat of the truck. Usually we don’t mind getting a little wet but for this trip in May it was way too cold at night to risk getting wet. We were wearing all of our warm layers and would be miserable if not hypothermic if we also got soaked.



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