Bryce Canyon – day three

It was still cold when we got up in the morning. We took our time getting ready for the hike that day. Our goal was to hike the 8.8 miles on the strenuous Riggs Springs Trail. This trail was very different from the others since we’d be hiking down and along the canyon floor in more of a forest rather than hoodoos and steep red canyon walls.



We stared out wearing lots of layers and had to shed them every time the sun came out and the temps rose. The smells from the pine and spruce were amazing. The views were not as spectacular on this hike but then again the crowds were way less too which is always a benefit.




This hike was definitely the hardest of the ones that we did, however, it could have also just felt harder since there weren’t as many views to keep us going. We drove the 17 miles of the main road back to camp and decided to stop along the way at some of the pull outs to see some of the views that we missed. Glad we did because they were unbelievable!






We headed back to camp and this time the campground was empty. Everyone had apparently headed back to start the workweek. The beer for the night was Port Brewing’s Anniversary IPA.

We went to bed early since we had to up at 4:15am to get the pooch. We had a 5 hour drive to get to Grand Junction and the puppy resort was only open for pickup from 9-10am. If we missed that window, we would have been screwed. As I drove across the flat desert roads in the pitch black there were deer and antelope darting out in front of us everywhere. It was quite scary and I had to drive slower to be on the lookout. 5 hours later we made it to Wag Resort just in time!


~ by willtriforbeer on August 16, 2015.

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  1. Looks like a great hike!

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