Bryce Canyon – day two

We woke up to snow. Hubby climbed out of the tent to make coffee and while he was out there I heard him exclaim that it was starting to snow. I said “no way” then climbed out of the tent to see it for myself. It was just a light snow but it was definitely snowing on our desert vacation.

As we were starting to move around and pack up some of our stuff we had two deers wander into the campsite. They were beautiful to watch. One was a female and the other a male. I only got good pics of the male though.



We hiked the 8 mile Fairyland Loop Trail (strenuous) and I think it was one of the most beautiful hikes in the park. It started out foggy and the views were limited but the fog added to the mysterious feeling of the hoodoos.




Later the fog started to burn off but it remained cloudy for the rest of the day. The fog and clouds still did not erase the beauty of this place.




After the hike we headed back to camp for another night of very cold temps and drizzling rain. We made dinner while trying to stay dry and warm the best we could. We opened a bottle of Black Xantus imperial stout and sat in the cab of the truck in order to avoid the rain. At one point a guy (with a group of others from Colorado)from the neighboring campsites invited us over for drinks. We grabbed some bourbon and a bottle of Myrcenario brewed by Odell to share. We had a good time meeting new people and sharing stories of hiking, music,



~ by willtriforbeer on August 16, 2015.

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