Idaho – part eight

We had a 2hr 45 min drive to get back to Boise to pick up the pup. We weren’t picking him up til Saturday morning though so we could check out the town a bit. After checking into the Courtyard Marriott Downtown, we showered up which was nice after so long of being dirty, and got our bikes off the truck. We had to wipe them down a bit too from all the dirt they’d collected on the dirt roads.

We rode our bikes along the Boise River Greenbelt (quite beautiful) to get to Edge Brewing Company which was 6.5 miles away. Man, sometimes we’ll do anything for beer! We were hot and sweaty by the time we got there and needed to hydrate. We usually don’t do a flight but but there were 4 beers that we wanted to try and couldn’t drink all 4 of them and still ride so we got four 40z and shared just to be able to decide what beer we wanted for our main beer. The 4 we had were Blackwater Russian Imperial Stout, Obligatory IPA, Amber the Enabler, and Jack’s Brown IPA. Hands down the best one was Jack’s Brown IPA. It was so good and we found out that it was the creation of the assistant brewer. Kudos! Their food was really good as well, I had the Kettle Chip nachos with braised brisket (awesome!) and hubby had the Habenaro Mango Burger which was good and hot!



We rode back to the downtown area along the Greenbelt again and headed for Cloud 9 Brewery. All of their beers that we had were equally good. It was a really solid brewery that got our taste. We sat next to a couple that knew someone in the county that we’re from and it turns out that we know of him and he lives in our neighborhood. Small world.



We rode back to the hotel to drop off the bikes because at a certain point you just shouldn’t be riding and drinking. ha ha. We walked this time to Woodland Empire Ale Craft which was not our style. They also had a beer on their tap list that hubby ordered and then it turned out it was a beer from Belgium. We went there to sample their beers not imports. Kind of a let down. Very nicely decorated place though.


We walked back through the downtown area. It was really cute. Boise wasn’t really for us but overall it was a nice place to visit.

Last up was Boise Brewing on the way back to the hotel. We had a really fun bartender. She made up for the fact that their beers weren’t that awesome. We also sat next to a couple of interesting people that were fun to chat with. Soon we had had enough and it was time to get some sleep. Couldn’t wait to pick up puppy in the morning and head home!




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