Idaho – part four

Another good night of camping with puppy. He was so good and slept through the entire night. We got up slowly and took down camp while we watched the smoke on the water dissipate with the rising of the sun.

We drove to the Fourth of July trail head from Pettit Lake. The drive was a fun dirt road, one-lane most of the way that went though large sections of burnt wilderness. There was lots of new growth interspersed among the charred trees and ground. We seemed to be the only ones on the road minus the few deer we spotted.

We started out hiking to Fourth of July Lake and then added in the steep stretch that climbed to the Born Lakes. From the trail head it was 2.8 miles rt to Fourth of July Lake and approximately a 6 mile rt to the saddle above the first Born Lake. It was a nice hike that got us up high quickly. Once again we ran into really nice folks along the way, some we even stopped and chatted with a bit.







On our way north on Hwy 75 toward Stanley, Idaho. I looked over and saw the largest American bald eagle that I’ve ever seen! He was perfectly perched on a large boulder in the middle of the Salmon River. It was picture perfect but unfortunately there was no where to stop safely on this road. No picture for me but it was amazing to witness.

Once we reached McCall, Idaho, our hopes were to drop off puppy at the air conditioned hotel (now that we know he’s okay with that) and head out for beers. The hotel made a huge production about no dogs left alone in the rooms or they would call animal control and have them hauled off to doggie jail. I even had to sign a paper promising not to leave him and that there would also be a $250 fine. Good grief Best Western! This caused us some frustration because it was 90 degrees and we couldn’t leave him in the heat of the truck even with the windows open.

We stopped by McCall Brewery and asked if dogs were allowed, they weren’t but they didn’t mind that we parked right in front and left him in the truck with the air condition running. They sat us at the front table and window so we could watch him. He slept soundly the whole 20 minutes that we were there.


Next we needed dinner so we stopped into Salmon River Brewing. They said that dogs were allowed on the patio! I couldn’t believe it. This was making our night so much easier! We sat in the corner of the patio and tried to keep him under the table. There were 2 other dogs so he wanted to play of course but for the most part he was good. Through the porch railing he watched people walking by and kids playing on the playground. Being a mountain dog, he’s not used to this much activity and he didn’t know what to think of all of it. We had great beers and a tasty meal surrounded by beautiful views of the lake and boardwalk.


After dinner we took puppy down to the sand, which is not something that he’s accustomed to either. We got some fun photos of him just playing and being a dog.




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