Idaho – part one

Our road trip to Idaho started the day before the July 4th holiday. We had loaded up the truck with our hiking, camping, kayaking, and mountain biking gear. Oh yeah, we were also taking the dog on this trip so we needed all of the dog accoutrements. Our truck was packed to the gills and spilling out all over. We had built a dog bed in the backseat of the truck so that puppy would be comfy for the ride. After a few hours, he realized that we weren’t just going down the road for a hike and he finally settled in.


11 hours later we arrived at our first stop-over in Idaho Falls. It was a nice town with waterfalls along the Snake River. We stayed at the Best Western Driftwood Inn. Such a cute place to stay. It was only one floor tall with doors that opened straight outside which turned out so nice for puppy. We could take him out much easier. It was super hot so we didn’t want to leave him in the truck, instead we left him in the hotel room which we’ve never done before. We put his dog blanket on the chair and left out some food and water. We headed out for food and beers!


First we walked about a mile to get to the Idaho Brewing Company. They ended up having really good beers at this place! One of my favorites was the Bavarian Hefeweizen, a cloudy wheat beer with notes of banana. Hubby really enjoyed the RyeBock. Their Scotch Ale was also noteworthy. This would end up being one of the best breweries that we visited on the whole trip.


Next up was a place only a block from our hotel, Snow Eagle Brewing & Grill. They said that they were running behind because of a large group that had come in before us. We weren’t in a hurry so we said that it was fine. The beers were sub-par and our dinners were inedible. We had ordered the seared tuna since it was also a sushi restaurant and we figured that had to do it right. Boy were we wrong! It was only about 1/2 inch thick, over-cooked, and way over salted. Neither one of us ate it. The waiter was nice enough to notice that we didn’t eat our meals and took them off our bill. Guess you can’t get a perfect meal every time 🙂

We walked the short distance back to the hotel and found that puppy had been sleeping in his chair, had eaten his food, and was no problem at all. He’s such a good boy!



~ by willtriforbeer on August 16, 2015.

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