Idaho – part seven

On day seven, we hiked to Cabin Creek Lake. It was a 7.6 rt hike with an elevation gain of approximately 2,000ft. It didn’t have the spectacular views of some of our previous hikes but it was empty. We didn’t see another human until we reached the top and saw some people that had camped up near the lake. The hike was a steady climb for the entire distance.


By the time we reached the lake my quads were burning from the continuous incline. The lake did not disappoint though.



Hubby could see on the map that there was another small lake just beyond this one but that we’d have to climb straight up over a ridge to gain access to it. I dropped my pack off trail so that I didn’t have to carry it for the ridge climb. It was so freeing to be hiking without a pack, something I never do. The second lake was equally beautiful and we could also see the first one down below us.



On the descent, we took notice of the wild flowers that were blooming all over. I also spotted a ptarmigan just off the trail.



We still had some time left so we drove the short distance to Alturus Lake and got the kayaks down. The wind was picking up by the time we got out on the water which made for a quite choppy paddle. There were only a couple of other motor boats on the lake with skiers hanging off the back.




After paddling, hubby loaded up the boats onto the truck while I got in the lake to cool my legs and clean up. The water was very refreshing and much needed.

It was 5pm by the time we started looking for camping and we were worried that we might bomb this one. We tried for the Boundary Campground just one mile outside of Ketchum but that was all full so then we grabbed one of the last campsites at North Fork campground just 8 miles north of Ketchum. Whew! Our campsite was nice and quiet; tucked into the trees and away from other campers. That’s the nice part of tent camping, you can camp where others in RV’s and trailers cannot.

For dinner we had already planned to pick up burritos at KB’s and take them to the Sawtooth Brewery. The burritos and quesadilla were pretty darn good as well as the beers. I had the Tandem Double Rye IPA and hubby had the Dawn Patrol Coffee IPA.



Back at camp we cracked into a couple of the Coda Brewing beers that we had brought with us from Colorado. The Dogcatcher Red ale was pretty tasty. We were nearing the end of our book, Indian Creek Chronicles, and didn’t want to put it down. We read until the sun went down and it was too dark to see anymore.



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