Idaho – part six

It was Wednesday morning and we woke up at Glacier View campground in the Redfish Lake area. We received a lot of rain during the night but we stayed dry and comfy in our 3 person tent. I love our tent and love the relaxed feeling of sleeping outside surrounded by trees. We had been sleeping as long as we wanted to in the mornings on this trip. On most of our vacations we set alarms and get up really early but on this one we decided not to. We took our time breaking down camp and loading our packs for the day.

When we left the main Redfish Lake area we were still looking for a new place to camp that night and we stumbled upon a great spot not far away at Little Redfish Lake. The Mountain View campground spot #5 was gorgeous with views of the lake and the peaks in the back (Thompson Peak was one of them). We claimed the spot and headed out for some hiking.

We started off on the classic Sawtooth Lake hike which starts at the Iron Creek trail head and climbs switchback to Sawtooth Lake. Along the way we were treated to gorgeous views of Alpine Lake and the surrounding Sawtooth Range. The trail runs along the Iron Creek so there are water sources for those looking.



Alpine Lake in the background



The trail starts out at about 6725ft and tops out at around 8435ft for a gain of about 1,710ft. At the southern end of the lake is Mt Regan; one of the most photographed peaks in the Sawtooths. It was a 10 mile round trip to Sawtooth Lake but we wanted to go a little farther so we hiked along the east edge of the lake and found a secondary lake to the south. It was equally as pretty.


Sawtooth Lake & Mt Regan

Little lake behind Sawtooth Lake

Little lake behind Sawtooth Lake

The descent was equally as nice as the hike up.



As we were leaving the area we noticed along Hwy 21 there were lots of free camping spots. Just a note for the future for when we are retired. 🙂

We drove through Stanley where hubby could get a little cell signal so we pulled to the side of the road and watched puppy on the “Camper Cam” playing with his new found buddies. I know…we are silly but we wanted to check in with him and make sure he looked alright.

Once we returned back to the campsite I told hubby that I wanted to check out the rustic interior at Redfish Lodge. I had seen pictures of it and it just looked my style…wood, rustic, dim lights, mountain-y. It was nice but a little too dark for such a nice day so it turned out we preferred to sit outside and look at the lake while we sipped some brews. I was pleasantly surprised to find a new beer called Descender IPA from GoodLife Brewing in Bend, Oregon. It was a really good beer and you couldn’t beat the name!


Back at camp we cooked up hot dogs and kept things simple. It rained lightly so we sat under the tarp and read. We were really missing the company of puppy since he was at Camp Bow Wow.


I had another great IPA for the day. It was Dr. Pat’s Double IPA from Windsor, Colorado.


As night fell the views of the lake and sky were amazing. We took our beers and headed down to sit by the lake on a large log. I could live this life everyday. Now I know where the saying “happy camper” comes from.



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