Idaho – part three

First night of camping with puppy went well (we’ve had issues in the past)! He had his own sleeping pad and sleeping bag laid out between us and sleep through the night. In fact, he was quite cuddly and snugly during the night. Although I’m sure he kept thinking “why the hell are we sleeping outside when it’s so nice inside, at home?”

I drove down the Sun Valley Trail Road; the one that is a steep, curvy, dirt road that narrows down to one-lane at times with serious-ass drop offs and everything was fine. Although I made hubby take pictures since I didn’t want to look out over the edge while I was driving. I didn’t have any areas where I had to back up because of another truck so I was happy. Whew!

We drove to Pettit Lake Campground and got an amazing spot. The trail head was right near the campground which was nice. The first part of the hike is a gentle incline as you hike along Pettit Lake. The views continued to get better as we went along. This was true for the entire hike. There was a fair amount of people hiking out that morning who had done the whole 18 mile loop and camped out in the back-country. Everyone was very friendly and quite happy to be nearing the end of their long hike. The hike to Alice Lake was approximately 10.6 miles RT.

Pettit Lake

Pettit Lake

Puppy keeping hydrated

Puppy keeping hydrated

The long march up

The long march up

The trail was beautiful the entire way. There was always something new to look at as we climbed, especially when we’d remember to turn around and see where we had hiked up from.




Once we reached the top, Alice Lake was worth the hard work getting there. The jagged peaks that surrounded the lake made for a perfect backdrop for lunch. We perched on a large boulder and ate bagel sandwiches with peperoni and cheese from Idaho. Puppy got 2 large treats.



There were 3-4 big creek crossing along the way and by the time we were heading back down we had established a good way to get the dog across. Hubby went across first while I held puppy on the leash. Hubby would then take off his pack and empty his pockets of important stuff just in case he had to go in after the dog. I’d let the dog run across while hubby was yelling for him. This worked great until one time when it REALLY did not work great! We were at the top of a waterfall, and the water was deep. There was a large log at the top of the falls where hubby could cross but the dog wouldn’t be able to due to the water undertow pulling under the log. So hubby crossed the log, took off all of his stuff, and we backed up to where the water wasn’t so deep and away from the falls. I unleashed puppy and hubby started calling for him. In a split second, puppy started running for the log ignoring the path that we wanted him to take. We both started screaming at him. He had determination in his eyes and we had no control. He used all his might to jump and landed in the really deep part of the water right where the undertow was. Hubby screamed “NO!” and reached in with one hand and pulled the dog out by his collar and scruff. I’ve never heard fear in my hubby’s voice as I did just then. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this and can still hear the panic in his voice. He saved our dog for sure and was so smart to remove his pack. We both were freaked out by what had transpired and couldn’t believe how quickly we could’ve lost our baby. We rounded the bend and saw the other side of the falls where the water continued to tumble down the side of the mountain. We didn’t even think to get a picture of the falls.


This is not the "scary" falls but a different one

This is not the “scary” falls but a different one

After the long hike, needless to say, we were tired. We had thought about getting the kayaks down and getting in Pettit Lake but we were just too wiped. If felt good though. We finished setting up camp, grabbed some beers and the dog and walked the 200 feet over to the lake from our tent. Puppy and I got in the lake; him to swim and play and me to cool my legs. The water wasn’t as cold as a stream but it was still nice.


Puppy doesn’t like laying in the dirt


Puppy wanted to go to bed early so we put him in the tent





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