Idaho – part two

Happy July 4th!

We woke up on Idaho Falls knowing we had a 3 hour drive to get to the hiking area that we wanted. We chose to take the more scenic drive through the mountains to get there. In Ketchum, we stopped at Main Street Market to pick up food for the next few days. It was an adorable market with lots of good stuff to offer. After passing through Ketchum we turned onto Sun Valley Trail Creek Road and I had no idea what was in store for us up ahead. We started climbing up this steep road that changed to dirt and then eventually became almost a one-lane road. It was a crazy road with an extreme drop-off and no guard rails on the left as we were heading up. Then it dawned on me that we would be coming down this road the next day and I’d be driving on the extreme drop-off side. *Shudder*.  After 12 miles of driving we finally reached our turn off at Park Creek Road. There was a campground right off the road at the junction so we grabbed it. After setting up some of our stuff we headed up Park Road for a bit til we reached the High Ridge trail-head.

Right off the bat we needed to do a stream crossing. Looking back I’m not sure why I didn’t just go back and get my sandals but anyway I plunged away and got my feet a little wet. Not the best way to start off a hike.


The hike took off straight up and there wasn’t much use of switchbacks. It was a tough climb but eventually it opened up to beautiful views with a creek (snow-melt) running through at Basin Gulch.


We hiked to the saddle and turned around to descend the same way. It was about a 6.4 mile hike round trip. On the way down I started to feel a blister forming on the back of my right heal. No good! Puppy was having a great time after being in a truck for 2 days. You could tell that there were so many new smells that he’s not used to in Colorado.


When we got back down to the truck we did the usual of me sitting in the creek “icing” my legs with the snow melt water and hubby sipping on a brew from the cooler. Puppy was jumping and splashing around in the creek. At one point we saw him trying to get something out of the creek. We thought he was playing with a fish until we saw him pull a round rock up from the bottom in his mouth. He thought it was a ball. Silly dog!



We went back to camp to finish setting up. Puppy was totally perturbed by all the bugs flying around and didn’t like laying in the dirt. Prima donna dog!


We made one of our signature dishes of sauteed peppers, onions, spinach, and sausage served over a bed of pasta and cracked open a few beers. The most notable beer was the Sour Grand Saison from Grand Teton Brewing. Cheers!



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