Boston – day five

Monday was our last full day in Boston. Since we never got up in time for breakfast on this whole trip we once again headed straight for lunch. Union Oyster House in Boston is America’s oldest restaurant which dates back to 1826. It was a perfect place to get some Oysters and lunch since they also brew one of their own beers there.



We walked around downtown and along the waterway to the New England Aquarium.



We had a good time at the aquarium with my favorites being the penguins and the extremely large old turtle in the main tank.




We had picked out a brewery that we wanted to try and it was in Everett, MA so we came up with a fun way to get out there that involved a boat, a train and some walking.

We caught a boat near the aquarium and took it to Charlestown Navy Yard.




At the Navy yard we got to see the USS Constitution, a wood-hulled ship that first launched from the Navy back in 1797. It is permanently docked now and used for educational purposes.

We then walked to catch the orange line train and take it to Wellington station. From Wellington and walked about a mile to get to Night Shift Brewing. They had a great line-up of brews that really got our taste buds going! It was worth the trip out there.




We took the orange line train back downtown and headed to our last destination; the site of the Boston Tea Party. We didn’t go into the museum but we did get to see the ships and the area where it took place.




We headed back to the hotel early for 2 reasons; one because we needed to get up really early the next morning and two because we can’t order pizza where we live so hubby has this obsession of ordering pizza whenever we stay in a downtown area and can do it.

On Tuesday, we got up just before the butt crack of dawn to walk through the city streets, to catch a bus, to catch a plane and fly to Denver, to get in our car to drive home. Whew, vacation over. Until next time!


~ by willtriforbeer on August 22, 2015.

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