Boston – day three

Saturday, once again, was a little slower start for us than what were used to.

We took the orange train to Stony Brook and headed to Samuel Adams for a brewery tour. We met a good friend of ours there. The tour guide, Mike, was hilarious! Towards the end of the tour we got to sample their flagship beer Boston Lager, the Summer Ale and the Dry Irish Stout. We had plenty of beer and the whole room was much friendlier and louder than when we started the tour.



We took the Sam Adams party bus to Doyle’s Café while blaring 70’s music along the way. We got to sing Summer Lovin from the Grease soundtrack. It was pretty funny. At Doyle’s we of course had more Samuel Adams beer and finally got to eat something. We took the orange line train back to Downtown.


We took a stroll through Boston Common and the Boston Public Gardens. Both were very clean with amazing flowers blooming all around. It was definitely crowded so we didn’t spend too much time there.




We rounded out our walk along the Charles River where there were many runners, cyclist, walkers, and people just trying to soak up the nice weather (Boston had received record setting amounts of snow in the previous months).



We took the red line train from Boston out to Cambridge, MA. After walking a mile or so we came upon Cambridge Brewing Company. Not to say that we just stumbled upon it, we carefully planned it that way. But what we didn’t plan though was that it was their 25th Anniversary party and the BBQ was going as well as awesome beer selections. We tasted some fabulous and unique beers and had a great time sitting outside on the patio.


We got back on the red line and took it a couple of stops further to downtown Cambridge. We ate and had more beers at John Harvard’s Brewery. It was good but not quite as good as Cambridge Brewing.


We had tickets to see Jeffrey Foucault play at Club Passim. I really didn’t know what to expect but it was fantastic! It is the smallest venue I’ve ever been in. There are maybe 30 tables at most with 4 seats to each table. We were so close to the stage and the acoustics were superb. Laurie Sargent opened up for him. They did a duo together that just blew me away. The song is called Northbound 35 and was so beautifully sung by the pair of them that it almost brought tears to my eyes. It’s a must to see Jeffrey Foucault play again and I’ll certainly head back to Club Passim if I’m ever in the Boston area in the future.


After the show we wandered though the grounds at Harvard University and then finally caught the train back to downtown Boston. It was around midnight when we got back so we went straight to sleep.


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