Boston – day two

Friday started a little slow since we’d been out so late the night before.

We started the day with a short walk to the waterfront. It was a beautiful day and the water looked so inviting.


For lunch we headed to the 2nd oldest restaurant in Boston, Jacob Wirth. It’s a very authentic German restaurant that brews a couple of their own beers. We had a nice lunch with fun brews.



Next up we hit some of the outdoor food markets and Faneuil Hall by way of downtown.




We took the green line train out towards Fenway Park. I was going to get to see my first Yankees/Red Sox game but first we were meeting 2 of my hubby’s good friends at Boston Beer Works (brewery right across from the stadium). We got there early enough that we got a table…woo hoo! We ate lunch and had several of their beers. It brought back a lot of good memories for my hubby.


We headed over to Yawkee Way to grab another beer and hang out with the rest of the fans milling about buying souvenirs and whatnot.


We went inside for the Yankees/Red Sox game and I got to see the green monster in person. Historic ballpark and cool experience. A-Rod hit #660 that night and the Yankees beat the Red Sox!




We had a long ride home on the green line and it was late at night again. I was just not used to staying up so late.


~ by willtriforbeer on August 22, 2015.

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