Spain, Barcelona – Part 2

Thanksgiving Day in the US.

We started the morning by hanging out in the exclusive area for Ritz Carlton members (woo woo, oh so fancy) where they provide pastries, coffee, drinks and sparkling white wine called Cava. We both had a glass of the Cava and kicked the day off right. We checked out the pool deck and the surrounding area of our hotel. It was fabulous. If only the temps had been just a bit warmer I would have swam.





Rick Steves suggested Xaloc for lunch so away we went. Since we eat early by Catalonia standards we were the only customers there. We ordered the Bombas (spicy meant and potato balls with spicy sauce), homemade Iberian ham croquettes and an assortment of Iberian sausages and La Mancha cheese. We also had the VinaSol white wine by Torres.


We walked around the Barri Gotic quarter for awhile checking out all of the Gothic architecture in the area. This was probably one of my favorite areas to explore. It also had some of the more narrow streets and a feeling of getting lost pretty easy. Especially at night this area was cool to meander through!

It had been recommended to us that we visit BierCaB. It was quite a walk but hubby and I are always up for a challenge. When we got there they were having a partial tap takeover by the Cervesa Guineu brewery in Spain. We even got to meet and chat with the owner of the brewery. They do stouts well! I first ordered the Cocoa Barrel Aged Imperial Stout by Cervesa Guineu. It was brewed with cocoa nibs and aged in brandy barrels and was so good. It was my favorite! Hubby had the Montserrat and Irish Dry Stout also by Guineu. We finally split the Mr. Petroli Imperial Stout. It wasn’t too bad but since it was coffee infused it wasn’t my favorite.


Now that we were fueled up with some hefty stouts it was time to look at warped architecture. We walked to Casa Batlló, one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces. This is truly one of the most unique pieces of architecture I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing. We walked through every floor of this residence in awe, each of us pointing out something unique in each room.


I love this fireplace and seating area!


Ceiling light full of whimsy!


Staircase and skylight. Such cool tile work.


Patio/garden area. Even the fence seems to have life in it.


Hallway that plays with natural light.


Rooftop with great views of the city.


The outside at night is even more spectacular.


More walking and more walking. We average 15-20 miles of walking a day when we travel. For all that we eat and drink I don’t gain any weight because of all the walking. As far as shopping…we don’t really do any. We’re not into buying stuff unless we really really want it. We may walk into a place just to look at something but that’s about as far as it goes.




We picked La Vinateria del Call for dinner. I feel that I saw this repeatedly but it was a quaint dark place that was lit by candles and was cute as can be. I love places that feel like hobbit holes or small cabins in the woods. It was officially Thanksgiving Day in the states but we wanted to eat more of the local fare so we ordered a plate of yak, veal, Iberico jamon, and beef, a separate plate of just tuna, and another plate of mahon cheese. We paired it with Sentits Negres produced by Bodegas Puiggròs in D.O. Catalunya.





After dinner we walked back to the hotel to go to bed since it was late. Every night we’d been staying up past midnight just to keep up with the locals.


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