Spain, Barcelona – Part 3

Friday started out with us taking the L4 train from Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica to Joanic. We wanted to get closer to Park Güell since for us to walk there would be over an hour and we had a lot of other walking to do that day. We had to wait in line for about 20 min to even be able to buy tickets for Park Güell and then after getting our tickets we had to wait for an hour before we could enter the park. We sat outside and split a beer in the free part of the park and just waited. Finally when we were allowed in we walked the top part first and then the lower half. I kept feeling like we were missing something because after seeing other people’s post on the internet about this place I was really excited to see it. I have to be honest it was a disappointment to me. We traveled far, waited long, and it wasn’t near as cool as Casa Batlló. Both were created by the same artist; Antoni Gaudí.




We walked to the next work by Antoni Gaudí that we wanted to see. Sagrada Família did not disappoint. They had already sold out of the elevator trips to the top but we could still get tickets to get inside. It’s a very large Roman Catholic church. Definitely the largest I’ve ever seen and probably one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and for not being religious at all…I’ve been in a lot of churches! The pictures just don’t do it justice. You have to be in it to feel the spaciousness and the sheer size of this building. The different stained glass and the light coming through just amazed both of us!







We walked back along Passeig de Sant Joan until we came to the Arc de Triomf. We then cut over into the El Born neighborhood. This area was really fun and beautiful. We walked through the Mercat de Santa Caterina to check out the food that the locals buy.



We decided to grab some tapas across the street from the mercat at Orio Gastronomia Basca. We sat at the tapas bar. With this type of place you just grab whatever pinchos (or pintxo are tapas speared with a spike/toothpick) you want from the glass cases at the bar and then you pay for them at the end when they add up your toothpicks. We had ones made of salmon, tuna, egg, and pâté. This was fun to experience a new way of eating and different flavors.



We walked through the Christmas Market at Placa Nova. We’ve been to quite a few Christmas markets now and this was not our favorite so we bailed out and sat nearby at Bilbao Berria on their outdoor patio and had a glass of wine while we people watched in the shadow of Cathedral of Barcelona. This was much better.



We wandered more along some narrow corridors and saw a beer store that drew us in. I found a beer that I had not seen in any restaurants yet. I wanted to buy it but didn’t know what to do with it. We weren’t sure about the open container laws in Barcelona. We had seen a couple of people walking around with open containers but that doesn’t always mean that it’s allowed. I wanted to taste this beer (Morlaco Estafeta) so I bought it and we found a very dark alley and drank it! It was totally worth it! Such a great Russian Imperial Stout. I’m such a rebel!



We wandered into some random plaza with live music and just sat down at the outdoor patio to enjoy a beer and the entertainment. I have no idea where we were or what place we ordered the beer from. I just now spent some time scouring the area map trying to figure out where we were and I have no idea. Guess it doesn’t matter. We had a good time and enjoyed the tunes. Just funny that I’m clueless on this one. lol


We ate dinner at Café de L’Académia. It was once again a quaint dimly lit space made of stone with few tables. It was an elegant space located in the Gothic Quarter. We sat at the bar next to a very nice lady from the states that we talked with throughout dinner. I ordered the duck confit and hubby had the cod with tomatoes and gremolata. We split a bottle of Via Terra Garnatxa Blanca (a white wine). It was a very nice meal with great service!




We only walked down one alleyway and found a bar that we just had to go inside. Carlos and Matilda’s was mostly only lit with candles and had only been open for 3 weeks. The owners spoke great English so we chatted them up a bit. Again very small and lovely. We need more places like these in the US.



Afterwards we walked back to the hotel as it was after midnight, again.


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