Spain, Barcelona – Part 4

It was Saturday, our last day in Spain. We started with a walk along the beach after our complementary morning Cava. Hubby and I are not beach people but we figured that we better enjoy it while we had it available. The water was cool but not unbearable. I saw 2 different people swimming out there in the Mediterranean Sea. I would have loved to swim but I didn’t have my wetsuit with me.




We stopped at Sal Cafe along Barcelona Beach for a small beer. We sat outside soaking up the sun and watching the waves roll in. It was warm in the sun but we knew that as soon as we got back into the streets with the shadows of the buildings it would be cooler. Since this was our last day and we had done everything that we wanted to, we were not in a hurry.


When heading back to the main streets we walked through a very cool neighborhood along Carrer d’Andrea Doria. This would have been worth exploring more if we were there longer.


We did a lot of walking throughout the El Born neighborhood. There were so many tapas bars that were filled to the brim with people standing and eating. We finally decided to stop at Tapeo for tapas and wine. We got lucky and some people had just vacated a table by the front door so we were able to sit. We ordered Papas “aliñás” con salmón y wasabi (potatoes, salmon, wasabi and salmon roe) and Bombeta de la Barceloneta (Iberian pork ribs with honey and mustard). The potato, salmon, wasabi thing was one of the best food items we had on the trip. It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted. The salmon was more sushi style and the roe popped in your mouth. The wasabi added just the right amount of heat. It was delicious! It also paired well with the dry white wine. We have no idea what brand the wine was since we are not fluent in Spanish so we just ordered vino blanco.



The Picasso Museum is housed in five adjoining medieval palaces. It displayed many of Picasso’s earlier works in his rose period and blue period. It was a unique experience to recognize one of Picasso’s painting as a copy of Las Meninas by Velázquez which we had just seen days earlier in Madrid. It was not my favorite museum but was probably worth the time and money to go through it.


We did more walking through the winding streets often not really knowing which direction we were heading. We didn’t care since we were on vacation (and had a good map). ha ha



We heard live music being played in a plaza so we headed that way. It was a delightful courtyard with at least four restaurants having patio seating for drinks and tapas. We sat down at Cheese Me (weird name) and ordered a wine for me and a beer for hubby. It was relaxing.


We were tired of walking and had experienced all that we wanted. We had this great idea of grabbing some pizza to go, a bottle of wine, and walking back to the hotel to call it a night. Meals for “take away” are much harder to come by in large European cities so I really did not think that we’d be able to do it. But we got lucky and stumbled upon some pizza to go at La Pizza Del Born. We grabbed some wine at a local mercado and back to the hotel we went.

When we arrived at our room the hotel staff was inside. I figured that it was just turn down service so we waited in the hall. After they left, we entered to find romantic music playing, candles scattered about the room, rose petals on the bed, and the bath filled with hot water and bubbles with rose petals floating on top. We both looked at each other with questioning eyes. I think it was done because it was hubby’s birthday. I think they must have noticed that we were going to be spending his birthday there and went all out. Regardless we had a fun night of “staying in” in Barcelona. Thank you Hotel Arts Barcelona!




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