Trail Run – Coalton TH 01/23/16

Hubby bought me a Boulder Mountain Parks pass this year. I used to run on these trails all the time until they made the trailheads pay lots. It’s $5 a day if you don’t have a pass. Well for the past few years I’ve just refused to run there since I spent 20 years running there for free. What I didn’t know is that the pass only cost $25 a year and it’s not hard to get. Well now I just feel silly.

During those few years I ran a lot on the mayhoffer-singletree trail from the Coalton TH so my runs lately have been focused more on hitting the old trails that I use to hit. Today I was planning on running from either the Flatirons Vista TH or the Greenbelt Plateau TH. Both were closed due to the snow-melt creating muddy conditions. I didn’t want to drive all around Boulder so I just ran on the mayhoffer-singletree trail. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great trail I was just hoping for something different today.

The trail was completely free of snow and ice and I ran with just my regular run shoes. This week has been the first week of my official training for Boulder 70.3 so my run was to only be one hour. I started out too fast. I think it was because there was no snow to worry about. I felt free! I did over dress, however, which made me overheat. I should have left the gloves and hat in the car and maybe even the jacket. My piriformis started to hurt towards the end so I’ll have to work on that.




~ by willtriforbeer on January 23, 2016.

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