Trail Run – Hogback Ridge

I read that this trail was seldom crowded even in the summer on the weekends so I figured that I should check it out. I parked at the Flatirons TH and headed due west towards the hogback. The first part of the trail heads under US 36 gradually climbing from the TH to the fork where you jump on the Hogback Ridge trail. It is a loop that if done clockwise the steepest climbing is done first on the south part of the loop.


I saw 10 deer grazing on a nearby slope which gave me the excuse to stop running and take some pictures. Thank goodness cause I also needed to catch my breath. This trail wasn’t easy especially with dodging the rocks and a small amount of ice.


After a bit more climbing I saw three bucks grazing. They didn’t seem to care about me at all. No one else was on the trail so it was definitely peaceful.


The climbing was just a bit too much for my ability so I mostly had to hike a lot of it. Note to self: when the trail description says “rock stairs” or “wooden stairs” don’t plan on running it. I thought I was almost at the top until I realized that I had just reached a saddle and that I still had more climbing to do. Oh man.


The views while climbing were great though. Sometimes it is nice to climb just to get up high and see the world around you.


The trail was mostly rocky with only small stretches of plain dirt. The size of the trail was mostly singletrack. It was also mountain lion territory and since it was morning and I was the only on there I kept a look out for any movement. I did see 2 other people when I was almost down.


The trail overall was fun and I’m glad I did it for the experience but generally speaking it was probably too difficult for my given training ability. I felt like I didn’t get in enough quality running but my legs sure are sore the day after so I must have done some strength training and less endurance. My total run time was 1hr 14 min. I didn’t need traction since we had several 50 and 60 degree days before my run. Total elevation gain was 882 feet with a max elevation of 6,393 feet.


~ by willtriforbeer on January 31, 2016.

One Response to “Trail Run – Hogback Ridge”

  1. OMG lots of rocks. Those could easily twist an ankle. Ice your feet tonight.
    I am sure it was a peaceful run….good for you!

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