Trail Run – South Boulder Creek from Bobolink

The South Boulder Creek trail from the Bobolink TH has always been one of my go-to trails. Mostly due to the length of the trail and the flatness. Flatness is hard to find in the Boulder area and this one is great! I had recently been hitting so many difficult trails lately that I felt like I needed something flat and easy. Boulder received 16.8 inches of snow last Tuesday so I knew the trail would be quite snowy. It was mostly just snow packed but there were a few icy areas. I finally was able to try out my old running shoes with the sheet metal screws attached to the bottom for traction. They worked great! I was really impressed. I had good traction and didn’t feel the pointy end of the screws at all.


It was sunny and was beautiful seeing the snow covered Flatirons as I ran.



This is the new bridge that was recently put it. The old bridge was washed away with the Boulder floods back in September 2013.


Here are my old running shoes where I used sheet metal screws to create traction for running on snow/ice. I used hex head sheet metal screws that were 3/8 inch (#8). They came in a package of 12 so I bought 2 bags and put 12 screws in each shoe. The placement shown below seemed to work just fine. I used a small drill bit and drilled shallow holes in the lug of the shoe then hand-screwed them until they were in enough that I could use a screwdriver. For around $4.00 I got great winter trail running shoes!


Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse in Boulder was having an anniversary party so of course I had to swing by and have some tasters. I got Bourbon County Brand Stout and Victory at Sea Elijah Craig Barrel Aged. BCBS is always a fantastic beer and I was pleasantly surprised by Victory at Sea. The barrel aging in the Elijah Craig barrels made a world of difference for this beer. I’ve had it without the barrel aging and it wasn’t my style but this one was supreme. My days are quite often complete by noon. I’m happy and fulfilled early on.



~ by willtriforbeer on February 7, 2016.

2 Responses to “Trail Run – South Boulder Creek from Bobolink”

  1. Beautiful trails! Makes me want to get out there! Happy running!

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