Trail Run – Sage/Eagle trail from Boulder Valley Ranch

I started with my normal drive from the mountains toward the Boulder area for a trail run. As I was descending I could see that the entire front range was shrouded in fog. It looked like an ocean of white. In the photo below you can see the tops of the tallest buildings in downtown Denver peaking up through the fog.


I also was able to see a herd of elk before I entered the fog. They appeared to be about ready to cross the road until I pulled over, then they all turned their backsides to me. Butt shot.


As I made my way towards Boulder you could see the beginning of the cloud formations. I knew at this point my run would be completely in fog. I was totally okay with this because I love how eerie the fog can make a trail seem. It also quiets the world and makes it feel smaller. Some of my favorite times hiking where in foggy conditions.


The road heading down into the foggy abyss.


I ran on the Sage/Eagle trail from the Boulder Valley Ranch TH. The trail is not completely flat it’s more of rolling hills but no major climbs. The condition of the trail was a little muddy from the snow melt. Lots of horses are used on this trail so it can be rutted out in areas, otherwise, the trail is non-technical.



The loop is approximately 2.7 miles but can easily be done multiple times or you can jump on some of the connecting trails. Lefthand trail was closed because of muddy conditions.


After an hour of running, I headed to the Southern Sun Pub for Stout Month. The clouds had dissipated and the sun was out in full force. I couldn’t wait to sit on the warm deck and sip on a Bourbon Barrel-aged Addition Imperial Stout with a view of the Flatirons. Well, somewhat obstructed view. Damn beer tanks. Ha ha.



~ by willtriforbeer on February 14, 2016.

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