Race Report – Boulder 70.3 2016

My friend Kristi traveled from Chicago to do Ironman Boulder 70.3 with me on June 11th, 2016. She arrived on Thursday night and we were having so much fun catching up that we stayed up until 1:30am just talking. I got a total of around 2 hrs of sleep that night. The next morning was athlete check-in day so we drove to the Boulder Rez to check in our bikes and get our packets. I couldn’t resist buying a long sleeve tech tee and a zip up hoodie with Boulder 70.3 printed on them. It was so hot at the rez and we were starting to get burnt. It was around 1:30pm when we realized that we hadn’t even eaten for the day so we drove to the Med for lunch. We both had the turkey and brie sandwich with french fries and lots of water. Overall we were somewhat ready for the race. That night hubby made us plain beef burgers with cheese and tater tots on the grill while we sat by the fire drinking water. Boo. Boring water. We tried to go to bed early.

The next morning we were up at 4am getting ready and starting our morning processes. We left the house by 4:45am and arrive around 5:45. As always the routine of setting up transition and making sure you’ve completed everything that you need to do is nerve-racking. Just the wondering about how the race will go. Do you have everything that you might need? Did you forget anything? And then there’s the waiting on the beach until you wave takes off. And for us, we were the last wave to enter the water. The race officially started at 7am and we didn’t get to go until 8:18am. That’s a lot of people already way ahead of us!

Swim: The swim was quite pleasant. I wasn’t as nervous as in previous years. They had changed the swim course so that we started out swimming north as opposed to east. This helped with sighting since we weren’t having to stare into the sun to spot buoys. On the swim out, I just concentrated on breathing, going slow and staying relaxed. Kristi was next to me most of the time. When we got to the first turn I stopped to re-adjust my sighting and Kristi was doing the same. She yelled my name and I yelled back to her. It amused me and gave me something to think about for the next stretch. From the beach, the end of the horseshoe appeared to be relatively short but the reality was that it was much longer than expected. After the 2nd turn and we were heading back to the shore, the swim became very enjoyable. I had been swimming fairly straight so I decided to just keep my head down and get into a good rhythm. I also noticed with the new course we could sight off of Bear Peak (8,461 ft) on the way to the finish. I was so nice to glace up every now and then and view the Flatirons! I think the swim course was an improvement over previous years. Also, I finally was able to pee while doing freestyle. In the past I’ve only been able to pee while doing the breaststroke. Yay me!


Bike: I did not do enough cycling this year as compared to previous years so I was a little nervous for the bike. The bike course was also different this year and started out with an out and back on the Diagonal for the first 18 miles. This was not really an improvement. It caused lots of vehicle traffic to back up in both directions and we were riding alongside of cars standing still. There was a bad accident involving about 5 cyclists within the first 10 miles then there was a 2 car accident on the other side of the Diagonal. After we made our way back to Jay Road then I was happy with the typical Boulder roads to ride on. We rode up to Neva and I was feeling pretty good. I felt like I had a good amount of power and stayed on the pedals. I knew that this new course had us riding up Nelson Rd towards the west which looks flat but is uphill so much that I have to get all the way down into my lowest granny gear. Nelson was a killer and by the time I reached US 36 I was feeling it. I got a second wind at the top of the hill just before St. Vrain and cruised all the way to Lyons. My crotch was hurting so I just kept saying “shut up, crotch” and muddled my way through. Overall the bike ended up not being too bad.



Run: I was most excited for the run this year since I had been doing so much trail running. After getting off the bike I was ready for some running but the outside of my right foot was hurting. I ignored it and decided that it would work itself out. It did about 45 min into the run. The bottom of my right foot on the ball had been sore from the sprint triathlon 1 week ago and was still painful. It felt more like a bruise so I figured there was nothing I could do about it. Ignored it too. The run was so hot! It was 95 degrees out and there was not a cloud in the sky at the beginning. I was sweating like a crazy person and could tell that my sunscreen wasn’t working as much as I would like it to. I plugged away at each mile hoping for some cloud cover. Finally around mile 7 we got a cloud. Whew! It was still 95 degrees but it felt somehow better. A fellow runner gave me some salts which is a balanced blend of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium to help with the amounts that you are sweating out while racing. It helped as did the cups of water that I dumped on my head and the ice that I ran with in my jog bra. Did I say it was a hot day? 🙂




After I crossed the finish line, I immediately began looking for Kristi. I downed a bottle of water and stood by a fence at the finish line. I noticed that I felt like I could easily faint. I made sure to have a hold on the fence. Every time I bent down to pick up my water it would hit me hard, that woozy feeling. I walked around in circles to keep the momentum going so that my body was happy and downed another bottle of water. I saw Kristi coming down the chute! Yay! We both had conquered another 70.3 together (this was our 2nd)! We got our pic snapped (see below) and tried to get some food. It was cold stale nasty pizza so my stomach said no. I then realized that I didn’t feel good and needed to use the porta potties. Ah, one of the reasons I was feeling so bad…I got my period while I was running! Good grief!

I grabbed 2 advils from Kristi and we started to pack up our transition areas. I still couldn’t shake the woozy feeling and kept grabbing on to the bike racks. While we were wheeling our bikes out of transition I told Kristi that I wanted to stop by the medical tent just for a minute. The people in the med tent were great! They had me relax in a lounge chair in the shade while one lady gave my legs a rub down and other guy made me a concoction that was amazing! It was about a teaspoon of Boulder Salts mixed with 1/2 Gatorade and 1/2 water. Kristi went and brought my car around to the med tent. Such a sweetheart! After only 15-20 minutes in the med tent I was ready to go. No more woozy feeling.

We changed clothes, cleaned up as best we could in a dirt parking lot, and heading to Southern Sun to meet with a friend and my hubby for dinner. Needless to say we didn’t really eat or drink much. We both had 1/2 of a beer and that was it. The heat had really gotten to us and it had been a long day.

When we got home that night, hubby made an outdoor fire, and we ate chips! Chips, chips and more chips! We had great time at the race and the entire weekend! I wish I had a training partner like Kristi all the time! She’s the best.



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