Hiking – Mt Lion GGCSP 07/04/16

I had always wanted to hike the entire loop of the Mt Lion trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. It’s 6.7 miles long and rated as difficult. I had hiked and ran on several portions of the trail but have never completed the whole loop. Puppy and I set out to do it. I packed plenty of water and nutrition for both of us since it was going to be a very hot day! It was July 4th so we got out on the trail early to avoid other people. We hiked the trail clockwise which is the way I prefer to ascend and descend on this particular route. We started at the Nott Creek parking area.


Water on the trail was great for puppy. The first stop was at the lake at Forgotten Valley that feeds into Nott Creek. On the descending part of the trail we crossed over Deer Creek many times which afforded him opportunities for water. I actually didn’t have to use any of the water that I brought for him.


I kept trying to push the pace a bit without overdoing it. I had been doing a lot of trail running lately and was trying to use this as some training. My favorite part of the hike (any hike really) is when it becomes flat smooth trail that weaves through the tall pines!


I recently downloaded a new elevation app on my device that I’ve been playing with and trying to validate it’s accuracy. According to the app it took us 2:12 minutes (moving time only), was 6.87 miles long, with over 1500 ft of climbing and a max elevation of 8893 ft. Not bad if you ask me. I was also just very happy that I finally got this whole loop crossed off my bucket list!



~ by willtriforbeer on July 24, 2016.

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