Snowstorm 4ft! 04/16/16

I saw repeatedly how this was going to be a big storm and since we live at 9,000ft in the mountains I knew we would get a lot of snow! I left work at 2:20pm on Friday the 15th since the snow had already started falling at our house. From work I drive up 3600 feet to home and the weather conditions can vary greatly. It was only sprinkling rain when I left work and about halfway home it changed to snow. It was beautiful, gently falling on the dirt roads and melting right away. When I got home it started picking up. I came in the house and hubby had a fire going in the wood stove, jazz playing in the background and a great selection of cold beer just waiting for me. He had veal and lamb Bolognese cooking in the crock-pot and the house smelled so inviting. The puppy was crazy as usual and excited that we were all together.

While we waited for dinner, we stood on the porch in the snow sipping Shadow Brewer Imperial Stout by Ommegang, listening to the jazz and playing ball with puppy. This is probably one of our favorite things to do. It continued to snow while we ate dinner and drank The Commodore from Diebolt Brewing. It did not stop snowing even once and we were excited to see what we’d find the next morning. We felt like it was Christmas.

The next morning I woke up to see about 18 inches of snow on the porch. I knew I had to get out and run in it. The snow was big fluffy flakes that were gently falling with even spacing between them. It couldn’t have been any prettier. According to my training plan, I needed to run for 1 hr and 30 min but didn’t want to drive anywhere so I just ran in the neighborhood. I love running while it’s snowing! I wore my old shoes with the screws that I added to the bottom to provide traction in snow and they worked great. I didn’t slip or slide once and felt like I had more gripping power while running up hills. After 1hr and 30 minutes my shoes were soaked through and my feet were wet but other than that I was warm and fairly dry the entire time.


By the time I got home hubby was up and cooking bacon and the fire was still going. I sat down and started to ice my knees and realized that no work would be done today except for plowing the driveway. It was one of those days just to sit and enjoy the snow and fire. We cracked open The Beast Grand Cru from 2014 that we had been saving (cellaring) and the snow began to pile up. We had carbonnade (Belgian stew) cooking in the crock pot all day so the house smelled so yummy.


Sunday morning we woke up to over 36 inches of snow! It just kept coming down with no signs of stopping in sight. Puppy and I got out and played in the yard while hubby plowed the driveway AGAIN.


The snow was just over puppy’s head in some spots and in other areas he looked like he was just tunneling though. We were having a blast. Even though we live in Colorado and people seem to think that we get snow all the time, we don’t. Snow days are very special to us since they don’t occur like this too often.



It was another day of no work and just playing so we got out the Big City Quad brewed by River North in Denver and sat in the snow imbibing while watching puppy romp. For Sunday night’s meal we had Chicken Marsala. We had planned out 3 crock pot meals since we knew we’d be surrounded by snow the entire weekend and would want some stick to your bones type of food. It was a superb weekend!



By Monday morning we found out from the news that we had received about 4ft (48 inches) of snow total!




~ by willtriforbeer on July 24, 2016.

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