Trail Run – High Lonesome – 07/02/16

I picked up my friend Kristen (1) and we planned to meet her friend Kristen (2) at the trailhead. Yes, 2 Kristens.

From Fraser we headed east on County Road 8 to County Road 81 (though it all felt like the same dirt road) and then turned right on Forest Road 128. The road dead ends at the trailhead. We ran on the High Lonesome Trail which is also the Continental Divide Trail at this point.


The trail started off with a gentle uphill through lush greenery and tall pine trees. It was drizzling so we started with our jackets on. Soon enough with the climbing we heated up and stripped off a layer. The trail continued to climb. It was beautiful and so green with all of the rain that we had recently been receiving. It felt more like Seattle. There were many downed trees blocking the trail and forcing us to find ways around them. Because of the amount of rain that had fallen, the trail was fairly muddy causing us to either work around it or splash into it haphazardly. About halfway up the trail it began to rain steadily. I felt the water seeping though my jacket. My jacket is only rain resistant and it’s mostly for wind protection. Not the ideal jacket for this run. I saw about 20 piles of deer scat along the way but unfortunately saw no wildlife. We made it to Junco Lake before Kristen (1) and I turned around to head back down. Junco Lake was approximately 6 miles from the trailhead making this a 12 mile run for me. Kristen (2) was continuing on to Monarch Lake.


On the way down the pace was faster, of course. The splashes in the puddles were also bigger since we were already soaking wet and no longer cared. I couldn’t stop saying how much I loved this trail. It was perfect for me. Difficult enough and long enough but not too far over my head. With the cool, wet weather it couldn’t have been any better. I also was really digging being on the Continental Divide Trail. It was the first time for me but I’ve read several books about thru hiking and have a complete respect for people that challenge themselves in that way.


After we wiped all of the mud off of us and changed into dry clothes, Kristen (1) and I headed to Smokehouse BBQ in Winter Park for bbq nachos and margaritas! Great trail and day all around. I’m already looking forward to running on the Devil’s Thumb trail next time.


~ by willtriforbeer on July 24, 2016.

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