Yankees Games in Denver – June 2016

I had just finished the Boulder 70.3 Ironman on Saturday so it was a perfect time to hang out in Denver for a couple of days. Our plan was to stay at the Grand Hyatt in Denver for 2 nights while watching the Yankess/Rockies games both days. We left Tuesday morning, our first stop was at the Bacon Social House!

We started with a bacon flight. It was 6 pieces of bacon done up with different flavors: Apple-wood smoked, Barbecue, Candied, Habanero, Hickory, and Paleo. We both liked the Habanero best followed by the Paleo. We didn’t care much for the hickory or apple-wood since they were both smoked and neither one of us prefer smoked meats. I had the Bacon, Shrimp, & Grits. Hubby had the Bacon Hash. They used smoked hickory bacon so it wasn’t hubby’s favorite meal. Mine was delicious but it was so rich and I couldn’t eat all of it. Hubby was happy to help.



We checked at the hotel and headed out for the day. We wanted to hit several breweries before the game at 6:40pm. One that had been on our list for quite a while was Renegade Brewing so it was our priority. Turns out that I had already had so many of their beers that there wasn’t much else to try. I went with the Consilium, and American Pale Ale. It was only okay. Hubby tried the 5:00 in Bangkok Blonde Ale and said it was a good starter beer.


Next up was TRVE (pronounced TRUE) Brewing. It was a dark space with heavy metal music and images on the wall. If it could be painted black then they did it. The beers were intriguing. both hubby and I enjoyed the Stout O))) and then we split the Atma, a Belgian strong pale ale. Not a bad place even though I don’t care for the heavy metal vibe.


Across the way from TRVE was Baere Brewing so we had to stop in. They had a great selection of brews, probably around 12-15. I chose the Big Hoppy Brown. It was similar to Dubhe by Uinta but not quite as hoppy. I enjoyed it. Hubby had the 4.3 abv Dry-Hopped Gose which to me tasted like a sour lemonade. Not my thing really.


We had time for one more stop before the game so we made it to Black Sky Brewery. I had the Pistachio Mint Stout which was surprisingly good. The mint was more fresh mint rather than peppermint. Hubs had the Persephone Pomegranate Wheat. We also sampled the Demon Phoenix chili beer. The chili was just the right amount so that you didn’t burn your mouth. This place also had a heavy metal vibe.


For game 1, we sat along the first base line in the club level seats. It was in complete sun! And it was 98 degrees out that day. I couldn’t take it. I am not a fan of heat so I walked around the club level every chance I could. The Yanks lost but we still had fun anyway.

Note: For any game at Coors Field, whether day or night, get seats on the 3rd base line. It was the shadiest part of the stadium.


The next day was a daytime game that started at 1:10 so we first went to Snooze for some breakfast. I had the Benny Duo of Bella! Bella! Benny and Chile Verde Benny. They were both great and very different. Hubby had basically the same. I also had the Michelada, which was a Post Brewing pale ale with bloody mary mix, hot sauce and lime. It was really good!


We could only get one brewery in before the game so we headed to Great Divide. I had the She Said “I Brew” imperial stout and it was pretty yummy and then I got a Barrel Aged Hercules and it was so sweet and perfect. My favorite beer back in the day was Hercules so I was excited to get the Barrel Aged version of it.


Game 2 we sat along the 3rd base line which was only in the sun for the first 20-30 min and then we had shade for the rest of the game! Thank goodness.


At one point a foul ball was heading our way. Two years ago hubby got a foul ball at a Yankees game so I couldn’t believe another one was coming our way. It dropped into the isle and it was him and the girl behind us scrambling for it. Hubby got a hold of it and then felt bad so he handed it off to her. He felt like he did a nice thing but then was also sad that he didn’t get to keep it cause Yankees/Baseball/Games mean so much to him. A few minutes later she handed it off to a little kid.

A couple innings later I saw a FB post from some friends and realized that they were at the game too. I found them seated just below us so we texted and got to meet up with Cheryl and Sean. Such a nice surprise!

The Yanks lost the game but that wasn’t stopping us. We walked to Spangalang Brewery and I had the Night Walker imperial stout. It was a fun place with cool tee shirts. We talked with some other people from IL and had a good time. We’ll have to head back there again some day.


Our last brewery was Our Mutual Friend (OMF) where I had the Hinckley Strong Stout. It was a little too smokey for my taste.


We grabbed some za at Slice Works and headed back to the hotel. I needed to get some sleep cuz in the morning I needed to take a bus to Boulder to go to work since hubby was taking the car. Overall it was a good couple of days in the city which we needed. We don’t always get to enjoy some of the fun things so close to us.



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