Trail Run – Devils Thumb Lake 08/06/16

I arrived at Hessie TH at 7am and was one of the first cars there, which is important since this place fills up and people arriving later have to take a shuttle in. As I started running I got that feeling of excitement and fear all at the same time. It comes from running on an unknown trail, by myself, early in the morning. It’s empowering and makes me feel as if the world is all mine. I love this feeling but also am respectful of dangers that could present themselves. You can’t let fear rule you though. You would miss out on so much greatness.


The trail gained elevation at a pretty steady pace and was fairly technical with lots of rocks and roots. My ankles were already tired from last Sunday’s race so this terrain wasn’t gonna help any. I saw a few other trail runners out with big happy smiles on their faces. Trail runners seem to be some of the happiest people around. How can you not be happy running through some of the most beautiful country in the world. Trail runners are also friendly and quite often up for a quick chit-chat.


There were lots of lakes, streams and waterfalls to make the surrounding area very picturesque. As I climbed towards treeline, the trees became smaller and less abundant. I never truly made it to treeline and turned around near 11,000ft.



A storm was rolling in and the low lying clouds are always exciting for me. I love the look that these clouds create. The temperature stayed in the 50’s and was perfect for running. It drizzled a little bit which never bothers me. In fact, I think it adds to the character of the day.


I even found snow. Not pretty snow, but snow just the same.


After 2 hours of running I decided to turn around. I was tired and with the storm rolling in you could no longer see the continental divide. I knew I would have no views on top. Little did I know that I turned around just a few hundred yards short of reaching Devils Thumb Lake. I would find this out after I got home and checked the maps. Oh well, next time.


Overall this was a gorgeous run! A little too technical for what I prefer but the views make up for the sore ankles what will come with the next few days. I ran just short of 12 miles to 11,000ft with over 2,000ft of elevation gain. Next time I’ll have to do the High Lonesome loop!


~ by willtriforbeer on August 7, 2016.

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