Hiking – GGCSP Burro Trail 08/11/16

Puppy and I went for a decent hike on the Burro trail. It’s a 4.5 mile lolipop loop trail that’s rated as difficult. It starts and ends at Bridge Creek. The first part of the trail I had been on several times connecting to other trails but when I hit part of the trail that I had never been on it got a little creepy. It was really early in the morning and we started descending down into a ravine area. Since the sun wasn’t really up that much the ravine seemed even darker. We continued to descend and I could tell that the rock walls on either side were closing in. There was also a lot of overgrown vegetation due to the moist climate and the small creek that was hardly flowing. I was only slightly concerned about running into a beer or mountain lion and not being able to give them their space due to the lack of space in the area. We made lots of noises and I continually spoke to the dog so that any animals would hear voices and head their own way. This section wasn’t too long and before I knew it we were climbing back up to the more open meadows that Golden Gate Canyon is known for.



We often hike so early in the morning that other people are not even on the trails yet. We hadn’t seen anyone and then we heard noises to our right. It startled me since I had just been thinking about not wanting to spook any animals. Turned out that it was only 3 young male deer. The bucks weren’t too concerned about our presence and went about grazing. We climbed some switchbacks and when we were higher up we heard the same deer running through the trees and breaking some branches. Something else must have spooked them.

We started back down and back towards the first part of the trail. We didn’t see another soul until close to the end when we saw a woman in her 70’s walking her lama…as you do. Puppy just starred at the lama since he had never seen one. It was a good day of hiking and pretty challenging.



~ by willtriforbeer on October 1, 2016.

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