Hiking – GGCSP Coyote Trail 08/10/16

I needed to get out and hike with the puppy after work since I couldn’t fit it in beforehand. We headed to Coyote Trail since I knew that it had good westerly views at the top and we could watch the sun starting to go down. This trail does a lot of climbing straight up to the top which means a good quad burner for me. We did it in pretty good time since we had no time to waste.

At the top we lingered and I sipped on a beer. A storm was slowly rolling in so we didn’t stay long. I always want to drink a beer at the top of a climb or at the pinnacle of a run but I’m accustom to doing my outdoorsy athletic endeavors in the early morning and beer just doesn’t usually work at that time of the day. But today it worked!


When we started back down that’s when the slight buzz was kicking in. Now I see why so many people these days drink and hike/trail run. It does have an appeal but I think I prefer to be in more control than what that allows me.


PSA: There was an old discarded bottle of Corona at the top as well so I packed it up and brought it down to recycle it. I can’t imagine people that litter! If you brought it up there then be responsible and take it back down!


~ by willtriforbeer on October 1, 2016.

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