Trail Running – East Inlet to Lone Pine Lake RMNP 08/14/16

My friend and I decided to run the East Inlet trail in Rocky Mountain National Park to Lone Pine Lake. It was perfect weather and we got a fairly early start. Since the parking lot/trail head is not located in the national park system you do not need a park pass to park your vehicle or use the trail. There are porta-potties located at the trail head. You get great views even from the start on this trail.


The trail started climbing and climbing and climbing. It was a lot of up. So much up that there were many areas where the national park service had built stairs with stones. The views behind us were getting better the higher we were getting. We never got up above treeline but it was still a beautiful trail.


Lone Pine Lake was beautiful! It’s named after the single pine tree that grows out of the small island in the lake. As you can see behind us in the pic below.


The descending was much more fun. Since the trail was fairly rocky we just had to pay attention as to avoid any twisted ankles. As we got closer to the start/end of the trail there were lots of other people just starting out their hikes and the trail became more crowded.


In all the trip was approximately 11 miles with almost 2,000 ft of climbing. Fun trail but not my favorite. Since we worked hard, we deserved to reward ourselves so we grabbed some drinks and grub at Pine Restaurant in Grand Lake. I had a habanero margarita and it was really good. Service was somewhat slow though.




~ by willtriforbeer on October 1, 2016.

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